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At the Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative, we change our community by making sure that nonprofit leadership has the support needed to fulfill their organization's missions. Our collaboration is comprised of individual leaders who mutually educate and inform each other to form stronger and more effective non-profit organizations. Our goal is to lift the quality of life in San Joaquin County by building up social sector leaders so that they are prepared to face the challenges of today’s world.

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The Nonprofit Leadership Collaborative (NLC) is vested with the responsibility for carrying out the mission of the collaborative, which is to provide support and expertise sharing with fellow members and to support and develop the strategic direction of the collaborative. It is responsible for planning and policy decisions, financial stability and development, and for the ongoing evaluation and monitoring of the network of the collaborative.


1. Seek opportunities for enhanced service delivery and efficiency of operations through collaboration

  • Maintain open dialogue regarding each organization's opportunities and challenges

  • Maintain open dialogue regarding each leader's opportunities and challenges

  • Share resources via the UW Sharepoint site

2. Foster the growth of new ideas in problem-solving for populations served by our nonprofit community

  • Present case studies and scenarios for discussion and analysis

  • Invite guest speakers - local nonprofit community and/or industry experts

3. Serve as mentors, advisors, and educators to smaller/newer nonprofit organizations and leaders

  • Operate/oversee/contribute to Nonprofit CapacityBuilding Program

  • Launch associated NPO collaborative(s) for smaller nonprofits and/or those serving distinct populations

4. Enhance public awareness of the impact of nonprofits in San Joaquin County

  • Annual NPO Impact Report

  • Quarterly or monthly SJNPO e-newsletter

  • Public speaking opportunities

  • Booth/tabling at appropriate events in the county, including State of the City events and at other relevant public forums

  • Begin planning for countywide "NPO Showcase"-type event targeting 2024-25

5. Act as advocates to public officials, the media, and the corporate sector on behalf of the nonprofit sector and those we serve

  • Meet with County Supervisors, Mayors, City Managers, and others on behalf of the nonprofit community

  • Develop and publish advocacy pieces in publications such as the Stockton Record, San Joaquin Magazine, Her Life Magazine, etc.

6. Provide thoughtful leadership on critical issues affecting our communities and the role of nonprofits in solving them

  • Letters to the Editor

  • Op-Ed placements

  • White Papers



• Be a nonprofit direct service provider.

 Be willing to accept and promote the mission, goals, and objectives of the collaborative.

 Possess professional expertise and influence needed by the collaborative, and/or represent one or more constituencies needed to provide balance to the collaborative’s membership.

 Demonstrate a significant leadership capability in the community and a willingness to provide that expertise to the operation of the collaborative.

 Be willing to make an annual financial contribution at the level defined by the collaborative, based on agency budget size.

 Financial contribution towards annual dinner cost for self, as defined by the collaborative, and 100% of the cost for any guest attending.

 Be able and willing to serve effectively as a public representative of the collaborative.

 Willingness to host a meeting and/or chair/co-chair the Collaborative.

 Willingness to mentor/coach an emerging leader from a member agency.

 Willingness to be an active participant on an assigned committee or project, e.g., staffing a booth at local events, or participating on a committee to develop a curriculum for future collaborative meetings.

 Relationship building with members within the collaborative network.

 Potential for shared services or resources across the network.

 Partnership development, organizational exposure & active network.

 Legislative awareness and advocacy.

 A safe place to discuss all parameters of organizational operations; (shelter issue).

< $1 million: $500/year

< $5 million: $750/year

> $5 million: $1,000/year


If you have questions, please feel free to contact Jose Serrano, Director of Advancement, at or call the United Way office at 209.469.6980.

2021 Economic Impact of San Joaquin County's Nonprofits Report Cover


The 2021 Economic Impact Report of San Joaquin County's Nonprofits provides a comprehensive analysis of the significant contributions made by nonprofit organizations to the local economy. This report highlights the impact that nonprofits have on the local economy and community well-being, as well as quantifying the economic impact from their operations. The report underscores their vital role in driving economic growth, fostering innovation, and enhancing the quality of life for residents across San Joaquin County. Through this valuable data, stakeholders gain insights into the profound influence of nonprofits and the importance of supporting their efforts to build a more vibrant and resilient community for all.


Click here to read the full report.