Nonprofit Capacity Building Program



The application for the NCBP has now closed.



UWSJC created the NEST (Nonprofit Enterprise Support Team) as a vehicle to support our continued efforts to help local nonprofits enhance the capacity necessary to affect change in San Joaquin County. As an extension of the NEST we are offering the Nonprofit Capacity Building Program in partnership with the City of Stockton.


The Nonprofit Capacity Building Program (NCBP) is a collaborative initiative between United Way of San Joaquin County and the City of Stockton. This program aims to enhance the organizational capacity of nonprofits and amplify their efforts to bring about positive change in our community. Spanning over nine months, the NCBP comprises two distinct phases:

Phase 1: January – April

During the initial four months of the program, participants engage in bi-monthly sessions with program facilitators. These sessions serve to deepen their comprehension of healthy organizational structures, reinforce skills that enable them to better respond to emerging needs, and provide leadership training to enhance their capacity as creative problem solvers. This is achieved by focusing on four key pillars of nonprofit management: 

  • Board Governance
  • Operational Infrastructure
  • Revenue Structures
  • Brand & Community Engagement

Phase 2: May – August

The latter part of the Nonprofit Capacity Building Program allows each participating organization to write a comprehensive Sustainability Plan. This plan encapsulates the knowledge gained during the first four months of the program, enabling organizations to articulate clear strategies for achieving long-term success and sustainability for their organization. With support from NCBP staff, participants collaboratively develop this dynamic plan. By the conclusion of July, each organization produces a thorough Sustainability Plan aligned with their organization’s mission and vision. This plan serves as a guiding framework for their growth, impact, and enduring viability.


The NCBP culminates with each participating organization presenting their individual Sustainability Plan in the second week of August. A Graduation Celebration at the end of August marks the program's closure, providing an opportunity to invite community members and other organizations to celebrate the participants' program completion.


presentation to group

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Executive Leadership, CEO, Board Chair

      To participate in the NEST's Nonprofit Capacity Building Program, click here to complete the online application.

      Criteria for the program includes: 

  • Provide proof of 3 years of operating budget as a nonprofit

  • Organization must have a standing Board of Directors and clear Bylaws

  • Organization must be tax-exempt under Section 501c3 of the Internal Revenue Code

  • Provide services within Stockton area zip codes

  • Provide services to populations that are at risk and/or in need

  • Organization must be willing to commit to participating in monthly sessions as scheduled

      Scholarship provided for organizations with an annual operating budget of under $250k.

      $450 tuition fee for organizations with an annual operating budget between $250k–$500k.

      $900 tuition fee for organizations with an annual operating budget greater than $500k.

December 5th: Cohort Orientation

January 9th & 23rd: Governance

February 13th & 27th: Operational Framework

March 12th & 26th: Revenue Structures

April 9th & 24th: Brand & Community Engagement

Graduation in the Fall of 2024

*All sessions will be held in person on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month from 1:30pm-4:30pm for the first 4 months. The following 5 months will consist of small group coaching sessions.

If selected, you will be notified by a United Way team Member.

If you have any questions please contact Jose Serrano, at 209.320.6216 or email