Lord's Gym City Center

The Lord’s Gym City Center, although equipped with various exercising equipment, is much more than just a gym. Located in Stockton, CA, the Lord’s Gym City Center aims to foster a safe, fun and hopeful environment for members in the community of all ages- especially the youth. Teens’ memberships are sponsored by members and community partners of the City Center and funded through various donations, so that youth aged 13-17 are welcome to join the gym free of charge. Along with gym equipment and the basketball court, teens have access to the City Center’s education facility, as well as an assortment of gaming equipment. The Lord’s Gym City Center is a haven for teens to build their confidence, gain a desire for education, discover new friendships, and strengthen their relationships.

Since it’s opening in 2010, the City Center has welcomed thousands of members and has served as a beacon of hope for the community. Recently, they’ve moved to a more spacious location on Hammer Lane. The official grand opening for this new location will be held this month, on February 22nd, where they will be sharing their vision for Stockton and discussing their impact on the community. The City Center is also looking to expand their welcoming staff with volunteers and mentors in order to further their goal of strengthening the community, expanding possibilities for the youth, and cultivating Stockton’s potential.

To learn more about Lord’s Gym City Center, visit their website here: Lord's Gym City Center