Connected Community Network (CCN)

Did you know? 
CCN is designed to help address the 80% of non-clinical factors impacting an individuals health.
United Way of San Joaquin County, 211, and Dignity Health are working on a community wide technological solution initiative to help address the social determinants of health that are greatly impacting individuals' ability to live their best lives.
The vision is to create a network of community partners who are all working together to coordinate communication and implement processes to provide referrals to address the issues of health, and to collect outcomes. The key to this network is a technology solution using the Unite Us digital platform, strong partnerships and the leveraging of resources. This coordination of services, combined with an innovative technology solution, will maximize the ability for agencies to support their clients while also reducing workload and duplication for staff.
If you have not heard about the Connected Community Network (CCN) here in San Joaquin County, we would love to present this to you and your organization so you can get a better understanding of the vision and the incredible benefits to our organizations and the community. You can also visit Dignity Health for additional information.
Contact Zuleima Flores-Abid, Director of Community Impact & Public Policy, for more information.