The Giving Spirit

United Way exemplifies the giving spirit all year long.


United Way has been helping to improve lives of local people for over 90 years. United Way has raised over $50 million in the past fifteen years, through campaigns at the workplace, contacts with corporations, from individual donors and through community events.

We embrace and work with all Non- Profit agencies, giving them a forum to help raise more funds to help people in need, through the workplace campaigns United Way sponsors.

We empower donors whose contribution helps a Package of Community Services Including help for abused women and children, food and shelter for the homeless, services for the blind and visually impaired, services for foster kids, backpacks and clothing for low income children, youth activities and trade school and college scholarship programs, nutrition workshops.

We embody the principles of giving, of community, of giving a hand up and prevention services.

We enhance community giving by partnering with and supporting community organizations which provide the direct services to people in need.

“Our United Way continues to be blessed by so many people who are willing to share their Time and Treasure with others so they might be able to live better.”

“The Christmas Holiday Season is when the whole world gets to feel the joy our United Way staff feels all year long – THE JOY OF GIVING”, says Andy Prokop President/CEO.

Mission, Goals, and Donation Needs

United Ways’ goal is to raise $3,000,000 or more per year to help improve people’s Lives.

Over the years United Way has established convenient payroll giving plans in many workplace throughout the county. Donors may select any 501c3 organization or their Church to receive a portion of their contributions.

Donors may select to contribute, all or part of their contribution, to the Community Fund. Services are for specific programs, and must take place in San Joaquin County.

Contributions to the Community Impact fund support a comprehensive package of essential services, which make our community a better place for our children, our elderly, and those in need of crisis services.

The Community Impact fund is distributed on a competitive application basis. These grants are for agencies from throughout San Joaquin County providing Program Services in one of the following 3 areas:

EDUCATION – Helping Children & Youth Achieve Their Potential

INCOME – Promoting Financial Stability and Independence

HEALTH – Improving People’s Health

Community Impact Grant applicants complete a program and financial application, provide reports to the Community Impact Committee documenting results, and participate in a site visit by members of the United Way Board of Directors and Community Impact volunteers.

United Way works in collaboration with many community organizations.

United Way, University of the Pacific, Stockton Symphony and Stockton Unified School District are working in collaboration on Harmony Stockton. Through rigorous study of music, students learn work ethic, cooperation and leadership within the community of the string orchestra. The program is offered at low income schools and is patterned after a successful program called El Sistema founded in Venezuela. The program funded in part by United Way, provided 51 students with violin lessons.

United Way is also helping to support the Read to Me Stockton program. Each month Read to Me Stockton sends a free age appropriate book to all registered infants, toddlers and preschool children in zip codes 95202, 95205, 95206, and 95210. The goal is to give children an early introduction to books so they are ready to learn when they enter Kindergarten. United Way works in partnership with the Dolly Parton foundation, local service clubs and public agencies. A $25 donation provides a year’s supply of books for one child.

United Way distributes in-kind donations to many Non Profit agencies throughout the community. We receive donations from local business firms which we pass on to the local Non-Profits : Stacks of Toilet Paper, Thousands of pounds of chocolates, School Supplies – crayons, books, notebooks, pencils, erasers, Backpacks , and thousands of Stuffed Animals. Additionally, United Way puts on many community events and shares the proceeds with Non -Profit agencies.

Here’s how you can help

United Way – Your One Stop Charitable Giving Center

Contribute a special “Christmas Gift” of $25, $50, or $100 to United Way’s Community Fund to help provide a Package of Servicesfood, clothing, shelter, and needed services for your neighbors in need.

Send your Christmas Gift to:

United Way of San Joaquin County
PO Box 1585
Stockton CA 95201