Bold Moves E-Newsletter

We are proud to announce the inaugural edition of our new quarterly Bold Moves E-newsletter!
The goal of this communication opportunity is to get your attention on all things related to United Way of San Joaquin County. We hope to not bore you with details, but to invite and excite you along our journey to advance the mission of this iconic nonprofit that has been serving our county since 1926. So, let history repeat itself in the most positive ways possible.
As the new President/CEO of UWSJC it is my pleasure to be part of this great team,  where we reach outward and create a "new" United Way that creates lasting social impact and builds on the success of the past. In partnership with our Board of Directors, led by our Chair Tammie Murrell, we will collectively work to direct dollars back into the community to support our nonprofits-whose day-to-day work changes lives and makes our community a better place to live and work.
So get on board this fast-moving United Way train, as we work together to Boldly go where no one has gone before!
- Kristen Spracher Birtwhistle